Tips and tricks related to web hosting services



The selection of the web host services provider is not so easy. People who are interested in creating their websites should hire a web host. Web hosting has grown a lot in recent times. The competition has also increased in the market. So, there is a need for the service providers to adopt tips and tricks to remain in ace. The competitors are availing bonuses to the people to attract them. It can not be affordable by all the companies. That’s why some companies are using tips that are stated below-


  • Percentage of uptime – there is a time limit for the websites to stay online and do function. For attracting customers, some web host providers are availing uptime percentage. In aid of competition, the service providers are making fake promises with the customers. They adopt the trick of an extra uptime percentage. Afterward, no additional uptime is given sometimes.


  • Shared package – the web hosting service providers are availing a shared package to the customers. In the shared package, the clients can run more than one website on the web host. The clients in the shared package may not get good neighbors. They may not feel comfortable in the package. To avoid such things, the service providers are using the trick of limited clients per server. They assure the customer to avail of limited clients on a server in order to increase their sales and remain in ace during competition.


  • Renewal charges –the service providers are availing free web hosting services for one year to the clients. The customers have to renew the services after one year. The customer has to pay no fees in the starting, but after one year, they have to renew their web hosting services. This may charge double fees to the clients. The customer should read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully.


  • Additional fees – the web hosting service providers are offering some other benefits to the clients. It may cost extra charges to the customer. There is a need for some other benefits to the customer, and the companies are tricking the clients. The clients have to be careful during sign up on the websites. The customer has to spend some extra money on getting extra features. It can be an additional storage space for music, pictures, or other files. These are tricks adopted by the companies to get more customers. They will remain ace in the competition.