3 different types of proxy that you should necessarily consider in your system

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The proxy can be defined as the intermediary tool that acts as the protection wall for your internet as well as the system. It leads to secure accessing of data and the effective transfer of data from one system to another. It avoids the involvement of the inappropriate use of your computer network. There are different types of proxies available in the market, and by the selection of the best proxy according to your system compatibility, you can have the best user interface.

Different types of proxies available in the market

  1. Private proxy

The private proxy can be defined as the proxy that can be used by a single user at a particular time. The name itself suggests that only the individual client can use this proxy for his computer system. This proxy is also known as a dedicated proxy because different clients can use it, but they cannot use them on their browsers at the same time. The software of this proxy requires the proper authentication whenever he wants to use this proxy on his system. However, he has to wait for his turn when the other client is accessing the internet using this proxy.

  1. Share proxy

You will get to know the basics about this proxy from the name itself suggests that a considerable number of clients can use this proxy at a single time. It is more effective than a private proxy. They are available at a very affordable price in the market as the cost is divided among the number of clients who will use the proxy. This is considered as one of the safest and the fastest proxy server, which can control the various server requests at the single time.

  1. Transparent proxy server

This type of proxy server is mainly used at the public internet connections or wifi and can be used by any client just by registering on the server. These proxies are very convenient to use, and you can easily apply these proxies to your system. However, you cannot change your Internet protocol address by it is developed for the use of a large number of audiences. These proxy servers are not considered as safer as different types of people use this server on their system. Thus, the transparent proxy server has a full demand in the entire world as it is used at almost every public place